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Carolina Aguilar

Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer based in Costa Rica.

Currently I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Xbox, Microsoft. I'm also Co-Founder & Software Engineer of KuraLabs.

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About Me

A bit more...

Over the past few years mostly working in backend, frontend, mobile and embedded technologies.

I also do a lot of outdoors activities and love to go for a good mountain and/or road bike ride and some rock climbing.

Featured Projects


Working on several areas of Xbox products, including the console app, storefronts and publisher platforms.


CR ID Decoder

Solution to scan and decode the Costa Rican national ID offered in several flavors: in-House custom PCB to use with commercial barcode scanners, Android app, Raspberry Pi. Currently used in bars and restaurants by bouncers.


Ellevest: Invest, Bank, Career

A financial platform that puts women first. Ellevest offers the only investment algorithm tailored to a women’s life, considering factors like pay gaps and longer lifespans.

Financial Platform


3D printed prototype of a Nasopharyngeal (NP) swab used to collect samples for COVID-19 testing. OpenSwab was built, designed and made available in the context of a global shortage of supplies and equipment to fight the global Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) public health crisis.

3D PrintingCOVID-19


Designed and developed a platform for Costa Rican elections using official government open data, helping government officials to assist citizens in voting centers more efficiently and Costa Rican citizens to easily and quickly find their voting place.

Civic Initiative


Mobile and web platforms for Backcountry e-tailer based in Park City.

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